Hearing voices (psychologically)

Hi folks. I had times has witnessed a young acquaintance of VERY crass things in his childhood. Fierce get blows of father, the father beat his mother and he could do about nothing. He was often locked in his room by his father, sometimes even in the dark + er was bullied. Since he hears all the time whispering or votes, making him crazy. He smokes pot because he therefore thinks that the voices quieter. You know what that might be? Something I've heard NIE that can have so crass impact. And yes, he was already at the doctor but he still has it.

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It may well be that he was possessed by this violence and cruel experiences of a demon. That may have been passed on from father or simply by his fear. When the angry voices he should pray to God that he freed him from or he is a devout person requests the making of him. I had in my family also such a case, and he almost stabbed his colleagues, because the voice commanded him. Thankfully he came in the last minute (when he was already with the knife behind his colleagues) still senses and stood in a bottle. My mother then prayed in his room for him, the demon go back to where he came from. Since demher he heard niewieder one vote. and yes, he also smoke weed: So stop!

Something is probably ehr a psychatrischer case. he can smoke with which it might exhibit for the moment but in the long run it will only make things much worse. He should be looking for something a specialist or go into therapy.

Something occurs unfortunately frequently ... but it is definitely on his childhood and attributed his thereby resulting feelings and fears. I can tell you not explain exactly why he hears those voices and what feelings are responsible. But I simply do not know him enough. Your friend will definitely need a psychologist, if he wants to get rid of the voices. Because the origin of it has deep inside burned in his heart. Your friend has to go deep into yourself and also to deal unfortunately intensively with his childhood. The whole thing is really not easy and it is important that you have an expert on the side. You should give him time to make proposal choose a psychologist or have themselves forward by the GP to a. The whole does not have to be embarrassed him, but psychologists are finally formed. I just hope the best for him and wish you both a lot of power here :)

hmm clearly mental disorder

must be determined to make a terapie

so that it is the better

drugs are in such cases actually never good

where you have already such many good things heard by weed ..

but if he wants to do the right thing then he goes to the doctor

can instruct in the psych artie

ceases to smoke pot and gets a terapie

with which he tries to work through his childhood and then it could be that it is better soon him

is a terrible are away

get well

It can develop through these experiences in childhood mental illness indeed. Which can not be said from here. But he should seek medical attention! It sounds like a schizophrenic psychosis. That you get with medication pretty well under control.

And maybe he should go into therapy to deal with the past.

It is extremely sad that children and women always under these violent heads of families (fathers I say not as a father loves his children and beats and humiliates not) must suffer. What is going wrong only when these men?

His mother bears part of the blame, they should have left this monster and go to a shelter. I am a mother, and would die for my children

A visit to the family doctor would ever reach. Often these symptoms have a physical cause. The practitioner will then initiate all further steps. LG Nichverzagen1

He should go to the treatment of a psychiatrist is essential. Only consult the family doctor. The will initiate further steps in the way. And he should quit smoking pot. The worse but quite sure yet.

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