Heat generation on the earth?


Does anyone have an idea what you can say everything with such a topic?

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Thus heat on Earth can arise must be added in any form of energy. Earth itself has a lot of energy stored in the interior (Earth's core 6000 ° C) and there is also constantly generates new energy by the decay of radioactive elements. For the temperature of the earth, however, this heat source can be neglected. It affects more by tectonic activity, like continental drift, earthquakes, volcanic activity and so forth. Indirect Earth's magnetic field is generated by the Earth's liquid core, however, and without this cosmic rays would not shielded and life on Earth would not be possible.

The other important source of energy for the earth is the sun's rays. In contrast to this geothermal energy is decisive for the temperature on the earth. However, without the greenhouse gases CO2, methane and water vapor, it would be despite the radiation from the sun to cold on Earth. Due to the natural greenhouse effect of these gases, the average temperature on the surface of about -18 ° C is raised to + 15 ° C! Of course it is not without risk, if we "play around" people through our emissions, which have now reached a significant proportion of the natural concentration of CO2 and methane, in this system.

I do not know if your question is not more went in effect towards temperature and climate as in the direction of heat, but the heat is a form of energy, and thus the cause of a temperature under certain conditions. Understanding the difference between energy, heat and temperature is really important to understand the processes in nature and any balances!

Why do not you start with the best questions that the majority arises why melt the polar hats from? ...... Why increasing the sea level? ..... What are the possible problems that occur as a result?.? .. ...... and then produced with the statement that the present emissions of man more of what the nature would never have managed extent (co2 methane, etc) that caused an imbalance

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Just look at the issue of global warming. There you will find everything

Since there is so much: D

Do you mean the ever-growing global warming

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