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Hello community, as actually funktoniert an auxiliary heater in the truck, is here a second battery available as the drivers stay indeed the whole night in the car, you have to heat all night, especially in the winter time. And how does the alternator apply as much current? And how would look at a car the whole thing if I intended to spend the night in the car with the heater, is that possible? With best regards, left Alexander

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first time you have in the truck almost always a second battery, because the things on 24 Volt running.

it's so that on the basis of relatively high electricity demand. eg for elektrohydroulische stage in trucks often have a much larger alternator.

Last but not least comes with the heater the Grot of energy not from the battery, but from the tank, the current from the battery is only used for the cooling water pump, the fan and the control. the heat generated by burning diesel.

lg, Anna

standing heaters HEATING NOT with power, but with either gas, (this is then a five liter gas bottle usually in a bracket behind the cab, or with diesel, which is pumped into the combustion chamber of the heater. In my experience, the gas heating the better choice because diesel jellied at very great cold and does not reach the combustion chamber of the heater. so power is only for ignition of the fuel and the members of the heating fan needs.

Many heaters, for example in the cabs of tractor-machine (in which the driver stay, too) work with propane known from the field camp. Thus, the function not to the power of any battery or alternator.

Heaters use electricity only for the fuel pump, the circulating pump, the combustion blower and for the glow plug (for diesel heaters).

But that is a total of not much, as the by the vehicle's battery was dead after one night.

Truck batteries, however, are in the ratio substantially greater than normal car batteries, so we should perhaps be the night possible although an operation in the car, to start but it would probably still be morning already quite scarce.

Uh, the heaters consume fuel. No battery.

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