Height adjustable suspension?

Hello I wanted to ask because I've often seen the last time a height-adjustable suspension if so what is really to buy and whether that's legally and whether since the ABE goes out of the car again?

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Sure, there's to buy and you can of course also enter. Even vehicles factory sometimes have landing gear which can be set by pressing a button, the hardness, and thus also partly the height. Or you talk about Airride? The visit also and are also recording capability.

These skates can be roughly divided into 2 categories: mechanical adjustable and electrically adjustable.

The mechanically adjustable chassis is mostly aftermarket landing gear, (often registrable) which can be adjusted by hand directly on the piston rod - but only on the lift. These trolleys are often installed in order to make the vehicle more sporty. Manufacturers of these are as Bilstein, KW, etc ...

Electric adjustable trolleys do indeed (partly) the vehicle just as sporty, but those are also often used for other purposes, such as lighter loading capacity of the luggage compartment, the show, etc. Often such then air or oil suspensions. Since these suspensions are quite expensive to retrofit, and are very expensive even with repairs, you should consider whether you want such in his car. Manufacturers of these are as Airrex, Accuair, etc ...

This explanation is very simple focus, someone had better know about, he / she can correct me.

The ABE goes anyway never for any individual conversion to a single car, because that refers to the complete SERIES.

Do research to "coilover".

Well, there are vehicles in which it is already factory there .... I go as an O) Land Rover Discovery4 SDV6 HSE very pleasant if you take off the streets is traveling then you drive up it if you have to in a parking garage, the something is scarce dimensioned lowers it from the vehicle.

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