Hello community, I suppose because healthy?

The problem is that, since I have started my own business. I take off thoroughly, probably due to the stress ...
I'm trying a friend told me I should eat 5-6 times a day and smaller portions.
From physical ago I feel top fit also have enough strength and power, and I can not complain otherwise. Only I just want to put the last Engelbert Strauss and jacket that I wanted to bring me had I tried in S and it was fine. Since I was a bissl shocked. At that time I was very strong and when I started working I was 16 kilos in the first 2
Months removed ...
ask for help
A heartfelt thank you

The best answer

Get the best times check the bloodwork - because stress can trigger hyperthyroidism. With an overactive thyroid pours large amounts of hormones that increase metabolic processes throughout the body abnormally and thus lead to weight loss. Against the stress to find 50 tips to relax - including emergency measures and relaxation exercises and relaxation techniques.


Your friend is right, it is definitely easier to increase if you spread your meals as you eat the more.

In addition, you can also weight training run to build muscle and increase that.

Buy thee times a few magazines where the prominence in it that can tell you a lot of their tricks, since Rubens's inn.

Delikatess Fleischsalat of Penny Market, I can recommend you.

The pack has 400 grams and 1100 kcal.

How big and how heavy are you?

is bananas definitely and bread is also good and drink milk and skill on sunday sometimes rühei with bacon be I recommend flash toast is toast to you with fat in a anbräts pan briefly then comes powdered sugar over then gerürtes egg on both sides then powdered sugar and wait until it caramellisiert and then egg and then again powdered sugar caramelize and when done so again powdered sugar over and then good appetite sorry for the spelling'm 13

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