Hello dear people! undzwar I have the following problem: I currently have no operating system on my computer! 1 pc start - goes straight into the bios! ?

I have also tried the boot sequence-switch so the cd rom harddisk was all before the first spot! I've tried everything but nothing works! :( Although the pc starts and is then available since f2 for bios f8 for boot menu and f3 for disk drive even if I keyboard shortcut this Enter H halt f8 or f3, it does not respond and goes straight into the bios :( I no operating system please help me who: ((am desperate since nem tag've been looking at this problem

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When looking directly into the BIOS Booted dochmal whether Direct2Bios function is active. You can also from there boats depending on the BIOS. Unlock the boot manager to number 1 - Change to UEFI back and remove everything except the CD drive (or USB, hard drive, etc. depending on where your system) to perform a Direct boat.

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