hello friends is my question currently how to proceed in the situation!

and although I have a very good friend I was wirklch cool with it have now and also what made but in the last 4 months we have become much thicker and narrower zsm we see almost every day and do often talk what about everything ... recently that was as we were in the car and am I talking've then cuddled her and hugged them all the time told her how much I've missed then did it happen that I held her hand and at the end there was then a we kiss are considering if it works at all with us she said she is afraid and I will promise you that even if the relationship breaks I go her friendship never I resign you said should be no grieving and I'll never leave her when I brought her home I went to sleep the next morning she wrote to me that only she friendship wants and everything should remain as it is in a personal conversation you said then that we, I should prefer to be best friends I told her that I will do everything possible and will fight for it and I do well I'll do everything they just give me a chance last week had ch my phone out was not reachable for ne week she wrote me almost 100 objects she missed me they even cried because I was away but she says she can not do that just wants to be friends is my question what I do with it it gives me ne chance I have it already written poem and for the week so the 7 days I was gone 7 given flowers but I do not know if all this has a sense?

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Girls want guys that are fighting for it! You have to talk to her, she just afraid that if the relationship breaks the friendship is characterized also breaks! but as it seems now, the friendship will never be the same again! I know that ... you have to take her anxiety and make it clear that no matter what happens, the friendship eh not so is as before ... good luck;)

You have very clearly signals what you want from her. She knows. Nevertheless, they now want only friendship. That you should respect. They will have their reasons that have probably nothing to do with you. If you put them under pressure, then you are going to risk that everything is broken. So are their time and let them alone.

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