Hello :) I have bought iphone köpfkörer on Tuesday new 6 and is today only the right music

Iphone köpfhorer

The best answer

can give you as far as I know not fix - I had already you need to return /

Have generally done in the past experience that the Apple Earphones unfortunately no good. Now I use long InEars Sennheiser and am fully satisfied!

Then complaint from march with headphones and receipt to the store and the thing: how it looks, this thing has a material defect.

This can of course happen once; like the dealer brings in order, his problem is only once (an ordinary merchant is the thing most easily with a new exchange).

Not even repair it around - so you lose pretty sure your warranty!

If you have not even done anything to it broken, then the headphones just go change, so finally is not desired)


The headphones are well broken.

Greetings, Dreams97


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