Hello ^^ I'm looking for a book in which it comes to a girl Jugentliches that kill out of sheer stress and problems even her will.Kennt one?

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Hey you:)

A book with a girl celebrate the Suicid wants due to stress and problems exactly I do not know, but I sense even like books in this direction.

The book "Lure" by Brigitte Blobel, by going to a girl who lost her father and kill himself wants to finally see him again, I think is really good.

Personal I'm fan of the book "The evil game of Natalie Hargrove" by Lauren Kate, by a youth because of their deed (murder) no longer know what to do and at the end of the book takes life, but you have to like. Is an American thriller.

Yes, these were all for my advice, hope konnt help you. If you should be in this situation, life goes on and you're certainly not alone, head high!

Mängelexemplar of Sarah Kuttner perhaps?

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