Hello I need your help how can I / do in Clash Of Clans much gold elixir?

So how can I in clash of clans Gold and make elixir? I'm rh Lvl 9've barbarian lvl 5 and bogis also with whom I would also like to attack ... My brother is also rh Lvl 9 but has ne better defense though I have more games than he ... and his bearing still fully ... the rest of my friends have at least 1 - 1,5 Mio in the camp, just like that. - / I urgently need your help thank you in advance !!!

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If you put no value on trophies then you showcase your City Hall to get out and you always get then a 12H plate when it is destroyed, the advantage is because they attack almost mkr still the town hall to the your name can properly collect (: Or you attack only at the best are there Boggis because they do not take a long time to be prepared and make great damage small tip face launcher with your lightning spell ruin if they are too far in the village (:

Better defense and better farming ... end

Unless you you buy the ressoucen

Hi, I'm rh9, level 117 and currently farme in Gold 1.Dorf find I super loot and especially also dark for my Queen! I'll use barch (Barbarians + bogies) to attack you can give it a try ... What is your name in Coc and your clan?

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