Hello my friend suggests me what should I do?

Hi I have a problem. So my Freud beats me sometimes very hard and but he is actually a very nice person and I love him! But if one says or does anything wrong he shrugs always like that he is very aggressive and to be proposed and help me hurts. After he calms down and apologizes thousand with me and gives me gifts and so on but I do not know what to do because I have more and more afraid of him and especially before I say that it is wrong. But I can not leave because I so love him and he is everything to me but if he beats me he is like a different person that I hate and his Agressionsschübe take increasingly common (1 per week about ..) it. what should I do? :-(

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As hard as it may be; Leave him! It is the worst of all what a man can do, beat undzwar his wife / girlfriend. Call the police see to him if he so loves you as you love him, he will forgive you also. But please, go away from him, he hurts you ... All the best for your future.

You should possibly with your partner to talk about it, speak it definitely it. He could beat you for it again, but at the latest when he comes back to reason, he recognizes his problem.

He should definitely work on themselves, a therapy would be good.

That because you say it to him, does not necessarily mean that you have to leave him immediately.

You can stay and work together on his problem with him.

I hope for an improvement of your location

- LG, Cherry

You should he say something like this:. "Hey, lately it is so that your outbursts are becoming more frequent and I slowly'm afraid that it's wrong what I say and you know me then hit Could you possibly to stop because you but quite strong're "But tell it when her twice alone since and you can run away if he strikes. If he does, he is not a real friend but used it only as victims Andes he can prove his strength. I know that and was himself ever in your situation and as I him beautiful (have taught above he has succeeded and he has stopped doing) :)

You give but already the answer himself. You do not want to leave him. But that would be the right decision. Thus, you have to accept that you'll continue to beat.

You can be an anti-aggression trainer or so. Maybe that's right Healthwise not what with him and needs only tablets: /.

Do you .. This "relationship" holds much longer? I would have separated me immediately in your place and maybe I would even have turned me to the police (= assault). Hope you decide right for yourself.


That's not what you love about him? He does not love you anyway, otherwise he would not do that to you.

Vanilli's right!

As long as you stay with him, nothing will change, and a man one really loves, one practices no violence. May well be that you love him, but for him you are only means to an end.

Yes, then you have to stop slay. He is namely to do sooner or later. Have lots of fun with it!

trenndich, or do you want it for years this continues, remember it could be worse

Come out of him !!! Whoever strikes once, always beats. As in your case. No matter how you love him what brings a man hits you? Nix only grief!

Setting an ultimatum him: If he beats you still 1 time, you make final and go to the police

Mach circuit. A man has beaten zuwerden not deserve it. You will surely find a better one you love, or slam the thee. Something is not love :)

Carry definitely closing

So so! Your friend is a nice person. Lieb looks different. This is still bad end if you do not leave him immediately. This is no LOVE, but dependence.

Off and show. Something is simply the letze and there also helps no excuse.

Want to wait until he kills you vll?

Mach-circuit and show him. That is the only right way.

Mädle You're searching just this blind dependency phase, the fear is bonded by love. You give the debt, might've been punished already in childhood? That's why you feel it differently, more normal rather than abnormal / inhuman. Just imagine, you have times children. Will you then stand there and look the other way when he touches your child? Oh joa, he can not help it. WAKE UP MAN !!!!! We women need at this day no men and if you think this creep he is not beleerst consistently continues innocent hurt!

Cutting off and then report it to the police!

Alta what goes wrong with the AB FOR POLICE what's that for a relationship ?!

SEPARATION: Who NOT LIKE can be beat, should solve quickly such "loyalty"! when `based on reciprocity that psychiatry is not far off.

goes to Hausartzt

That's not normal


out of him immediately! Your friend is not a nice person. beat his girlfriend is an absolute no go.

Strike back: D

Reliance him how can you like that, so please leave! Beat him back! do not let yourself like dirt I treat you believe are worth more shon !! Something is really disgusting: @@

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