Hello :) There are people that I pay so they get my dog ​​housebroken?

Dog, housebroken

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Well, for the people would have to constantly walk around with you, day and night, or you give the dog away so long. But if you want it and can pay safely found people make the. But actually is education a matter between you and your dog.

Ask times after at a trainer. The gives you tips. And then try using the tips to be processed.

what others create, you can also create!

Here is a guide for you:


Yes, dog trainers. The show you how to do it.

If you are getting the dog housebroken not even Capable forget a dog get yourself a stuffed animal.

No, or do you want for weeks still jmd in your house have? One should assume even that already, if you bring a dog. Why should someone else get a, if you want to educate him nciht and take care of him ??

MONEY available - patience, a little dog mind, love and time are against



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