Hello, what could I have?

Hello :-) I smoke now for 2 1/2 to 3 years. For a year I have continuous coughing and mucus throughout the simply does not go away in the throat. Recently, I have also right chest pain while smoking and breathe and I feel really weak. My cough is becoming more extreme and needs every few minutes right coughing. When I am out side my lungs feel so as they would freeze and aches total. I'll go the day the lung doctor, but wanted to still inquire in time. Have you any idea what I might have?

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it would doff easy to say what you have könntes, would you only more grieving or things imagined to wait and can be durchcheken times the doctor simply.

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Hi, It is difficult so easy to make a judgment, but among smokers COPD is widely used, it could also be asthma or könntest.bei nem lymph nodes also have sarcoidosis, best you let yourself thoroughly investigate and LG well soon

You can be quite a - have bronchitis - hopefully not chronic.

You do not necessarily for pulmonologist. You can also go to your family doctor first time. He can then decide if you a medical specialist should examine.

And you let itself already a connection to smoking ago ... Give the "easy" to, because it is so that you increase by smoking the risk of a "normal" Bronchitis can be a chronic.

Smoker's cough! On the hairs in the bronchi, a tobacco film sets. The self-cleaning of the bronchi is disturbed, it creates a stimulus and you have very reason constantly coughing! The best you stop smoking!

Bronchitis could be

Rauch simply tilting herbs. Finish: D

If you're a junkie tilt it profitable as a man.

Bronchitis or COPD vllt :) go best for lung doctor and let it checked up: D

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