Hello what is the best or fastest supermoto 125cc

Thank you in advance

The best answer

Since all Light motorcycles are limited to 15hp is there also no mention faster than another.

And Supermoto with 15PS is indeed times total nonsense. This brings nothing at all. Deteriorated only drivability over Enduro wheels and restricts only the tire selection.

Absolutely 2stroke. 4takt has nothing to do with sports at 125 xD A friend of mine has a husqvarna sm 125 with Gianelli pott the part goes like anything else. (But are also very expensive)

And by the athletes Aprilia RS125 which are highly susceptible but obviously drive up to 160 km / h

Definitely a 2-stroke. Ktm Exc 125 Otherwise dt is also quite fast. (130 km / h)

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