Help 2.ter World War?

If you owe as a German soldier in World War II?

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And if today war would proclaimed, all would again bravely take up arms and fight, rather than general to fight against those who have instigated the war. The on dry ground ...

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can not tell you in general terms. On the whole, the answer is: No! Many had no idea about the war were, blinded by the propaganda, forced by parents ec. Quite a lot were also forced recruited. That means they had against their will in the army to fight. These people have definitely been guilty in any way. However, there were also many people who are there I do not know if this is allowed, occurred in organizations that I would not call here. Even in the army, there were such people. The have reported volunteering if they shoot someone. And that's even with the most harmless variant. Such people definitely have guilt and I wonder how they can still sleep soundly.

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A soldier is guilty if he commits war crimes. During World War II this is the case for many soldiers.

Commands that target such actions may be denied.

must Dess Furthermore you ask further whether only soldiers were guilty, but also officials in the administrative apparatus. Yes, as soon as they have planned the crime and were involved in the war of aggression.

not only German soldiers have been guilty, but almost all German, because they supported Hitler. they rose as guilty as now Russians who support putin, and turks who erdogan support.


No! They've only been following orders. Insubordination would mean instant death.

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