Help Abo Trap? ZONG

"Your balance is not sufficient for extradition of a fee-based service. Please charge your card or please contact ZONG." These SMS I have just received from the number 1,232,111th My provider is AldiTalk I have a subscription nowhere promised. Someone's apparently come to my number. I do not want that money in the future is simply lifted from my card. Property me already contacted my mobile provider apart. I was told they can not help me because they could at most block access by third providers in advance. However, this is too late.

How do I stop this subscription and what is this company ZONG. I do not want now plunge into even greater misery. I want to change my supplier in April and take my number. Do I have to now worry about something?

The best answer

Hi. The must you lock the third provider and also costs nothing. As you let go of the play tore an exception. If I have been also set up to myself.

How do I stop this subscription

unfortunately we do not know what you have completed .. you know ...

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