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Hello it comes to my 5 year old Labrador bitch she whines me all the time and I fully war almost Kriese. So when I come back home as she does not leave me five minutes time to quickly what to eat or go to Kloh they want to walk and although spot on. Poop and pee I go with her every morning and my brother makes with it usually have a little walk before I get home, and nacher I go again with her for a walk. Except my one brother helps me actually no because I wanted the dog, wenns play around feed or goes for a walk, it is always "my dog" but when it comes to the education I have to say precious little, because everyone can talk to and every bit with educating so that the dog at the end is totally confused because everyone says what else. Worst of my mother motivates the dog fiepsen quasi the rum, each mahl when we come home turns the dog through again and bounce up to us and my mother praises him drown in the highest. Or if he anwinselt again she always says "oh you poor", of course in a very effusive voice. And if they eat something and the dog begs and whines he gets what. I told her there a thousand times but you do not want to hear, finally, I'm just freaked out and now they are precariously quit the whole thing. Nevertheless, I do not know what to do with my dog, please help me

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visit a dog school should be if the dog is still young .. certainly can it still bzw.umgewöhnen educate. If you should anschafft a dog can however have a lot of discipline, not to be unterbuttern quickly and the dog show who say that. He should have his fixed entertainment as eating times. When he begs ..ignorieren !! so hard that's when he whines and you anfunkelt with its rolling ... not note !!! tries umzugewöhnen..dann him something you need it but always maintained so because there the dog otherwise well verwierrt. And if the dog you greeted with whine when you get home, he only expresses his joy from you again to see. Hope I could help a bit.

The dog is lonely and bored, maybe they should really fast "to" loo "why not abusive. Stay calm and go out with her.

The time where they must remain alone is really very long ...... a Labrador is a very lively, persistent, inquisitive and enterprising dog. He needs a responsibility. He has the hunter formerly helped at work - unfortunately many forget Labbibesitzer.

The Your mother does almost everything completely wrong, you have already written. Can not you together visit an education course? um actually, you'd have your mother send it there and not the dog .......

The Labrador Club LCD and also Retriever Club DRC offer courses and seminars, there is learning to deal properly with his Labbi. Is that an option for you?

Hi this is very unfortunate in the constellation. They say even too many cooks spoil the broth :( I would find it on Vernünfitgsten if ye absprecht better who precisely what makes and what goal it together habt.So the dog mercilessly overwhelmed because he gets displayed eternally other directions. If such at a Navi in ​​the car when it proposes and complains when you opt for a direction directly 5 directions, everyone will be overwhelmed yet to see his right way at all :( power you rules for dealing with the dog, the one writing on top holds and so everyone hangs in case of need can again read. power at the beginning you minor penalty, for example, when rule violations per offense 50 cents into piggy bank and in the summer you go then yummy ice cream or get something nice for the dog :)

Sit down together with your family and draw up rules. It's about the dog and the only confused if you do everything by today. Depends on the rules visible, so everyone is permanently tuned recalls.

A dog can not use such a back and forth.

Maybe they really have much when you come? Then it's really good when it logs on. If they do not urgently need, because you know that it was only a few minutes ago outside the whining just ignorieren.Du schenkst no attention, neither scold nor praise.

If you are just using her to go out and want it whines, you just sit down again. Once she stopped to pick up again. You do that until such time as they are no longer whines.

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