HELP Does he love me, even though he has a girlfriend?


I urgently need your help. And although I have about 2 years ago learned a boy know and we understand also super. Have totally done a lot together and somehow there was more ... but somehow I wanted to then do nothing with him, I do not know why. But he said he loves me. In any case, the contact bit broken but since a quarter of the year it is again intense and we have done a lot together, nights on the phone, etc. I think I have feelings for him but he now has a girlfriend. The problem is, he always tells me that in his relationship badly run and that it annoys always rum. It also makes me totally complimented and claiming I was his potential girlfriend. He often begins about things like sex talk, he asserts would like to sleep with me and said we would have a very intimate relationship ... I do not know what to think about him. Especially me does his girlfriend sorry. Do you think he uses me only to have fun outside the relationship to have? Will he only strengthen his ego? Could I somehow find out if his girlfriend or I'm important to him? What can I do???

Thus, it might be a bit makes the situation easier, I am 19 years old.

Thanks in advance!

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Honestly, do not touch him. He has a girlfriend and he points you loves you. I myself am in a relationship and would also around bitching if my friend would long phone with another girl and another girl makes compliments, etc. My advice is to break off contact or just tell him that you want something not. (Unless you want it but then it iwie B * tchig). Kg

You'd be really very good advice if you could enjoy total with caution as it were, that boy. The boy told you about his supposedly bad ongoing relationship and a rogue which evil thinks. At the same time he tries to ensnare you say it seems to be a lover of away games. There is also no reason for you in this matter to find out something, the boy behaves anything but serious and even recognizes the proverbial blind with cane.

simply tell him that you with him not begin when he has a girlfriend then you will see if he makes up with his girlfriend and whether they or you are more important to him

Talk to him and tell him ,, that he should clarify the situation, rather you start anything with him. Especially not having sex.

Then will rausstellen very quickly how serious he thinks with you.

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