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my dog ​​behaves mysteriously recently. Although he is already 10 years old, but until now he was still always a very active fun loving dog. However, it is for a few hours nurnoch rum, squeaks without reason, does not like to touch, and it seems as if his stomach hard.

I tried to lure him with a leash, in its view, he usually jumps at once with joy, but now I only got a disinterested tail wagging.

He is now in the garden, going from time to time a few meters, but shall immediately again.

What should I do? Should I wait or to the vet?

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Thanks for all the comments. We were at the vet, it is far everything well. It is up to his age and medical history, as it has just back pain, but it's nothing serious.

"However, it is for a few hours around nurnoch, squeaks without reason, does not like to touch, and it seems as if his stomach hard."

THAT would be for me uttermost warning to make me with him on the way to the vet!

Get well!

quickly today to vet -or- if the already closed -for notdienst or in an animal hospital ... your dog squeals because he has pain, a hard Bauc's a bad sign! Carry on the socks!

Should I wait or to the vet?

to the vet of course, today!

That does not sound good!

I would go to the vet. With age and so significant changes in behavior it is better to be safe than sorry.

I would go to the vet

quickly to the vet with the dog.

IMMEDIATELY TO veterinarian! Does not sound good at but trz. Get well

Go to the vet

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