Help! Dog growls and barks strangers and dogs

Hello, now and then is the 1 1/2 year old female my girlfriend with me, because they sometimes traveling because of their family situation for a day. I myself have a 9 months old bitch and the two are super. I'm going with Bella (bitch my girlfriend) alone, without my dog, walkies, as it pulls on the leash and I was overwhelmed with 2 dogs (am relatively small): D I have to say that my girlfriend Bella not always has control. I try degree Bella when she is with me to teach a bit more manners and walk on a leash and works relatively well. In some dogs (I do not know what criteria it chooses) barks and growls it. I'm assuming that it is unsafe. I just do not know how I take it the uncertainty. Does anyone know? I also always try to be very confident in that situation, just does not help. If it is, however, not on a leash, and there comes a stranger it sometimes happens that it runs towards these people, stopping in front of them and growls, barks. Also, the comb is then. People are then often scared and I then bekomm also panic, because it is about 25 feet away from me and I just do not have control. You do not listen to my voice, no command, sometimes it works, if I go in a different direction, and she glances at me, then she runs after me. But that also does not always work. I'm afraid that they really zubeist times. How do I have to because in such a situation behave or how can I avoid this? Can someone please help me there? My girlfriend often happen such situations. I want Bella continued off and have time with me because they prop. Is so fond. Today for example, was on the playground a child. Bella runs back, growling, barking, and the comb is. She has the child then circled slowly. Since I had such a panic. I absolutely need your advice. Sorry for the long text. : D I hope someone can help me! Urgently!! The money for a dog trainer would not my girlfriend. Lg

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I too believe that the dog as long as the recall does not work 1A and the cause is not resolved, that the dog belongs to the canvas.

The nuts and bolts should be at the beginning of the callback that should ALWAYS and fold reliably in ANY situation that gives you and even more so the owner much more security!

But there should be the owner and not you are working on it, with you it is temporarily and permanently in the owner, as you should when the couple makes but just pull together, otherwise the dog will never learn.

A reliable recall precisely at such a dog to build on small steps, ie one begins with the call signal in the apartment to practice and increases in mini steps distraction, that one then moved the training to the yard, then on ne meadow without other dogs or people then come into play dogs and humans, but in all these cases, one must proceed so that keeping the distance so far that one of the dog will also get white.

I call the dog and he does not come, I will create from the beginning error into training with and exactly which must be avoided so that the recall is really working.

I personally have always several callback signals a is a simple call where the dog may decide in the end even if he comes or not, I turn then to if it is not sooo important that the dog should actually materialize but the Super callback is always followed , but it is so far a way which one must effectively train, just small steps.

Construction recall:

  1. search for a word (signal word) for the recall
  2. Whenever the dog gets to eat his sounds that signal word shortly before and immediately after the dog gets his Fresschen presented
  3. test in the apartment if the dog already knows the signal word that is usually very fast, the dog's call this word in another room and takes the dog running up, so there directly ne Super reward.
  4. Then moved to the whole if one has the now trained more in the apartment outside. Best to take it selected and liked liked treats, personally I am always there for the lining tube as you can clean any blend beautifully things and the reward is not going away with a bite, because the duration of the reward plays a role.
  5. So training outside expires as follows but now you look that the dog is not to be distracted, that she has already hackles situated all be too early in the learning phase and I would efficacy not want to mess up by an error, ergo not even let it come so far and train there or at a time where you already know rather that because no one comes or is. Even a highly interesting sniffer site should not be used to retrieve now, even the later. Did you all a time made long so, increasing again the deflection.
  6. You look now whether the recall of 10 x and 10 x works, he does so is now accessed with a sniffer point and comes the dog so it should now be some super great as reinforcement that, in addition to Super treats also be a treat search game Lauerspielchen or even a Zerrspiel.

So you work to small steps to other dogs and people out, it works even not, take a step back in training and do not forget, at this time the dog stays on the train !!!


first of all: Please, no longer let the dog off the leash your girlfriend. Movement and utilization can also get on a leash the dog. A dog does not listen to the call, and thereby more aggressive towards people shows (the motivation for his actions in this case does not interest), is a severe threat to themselves and others! If you are there on the wrong device shipped Kannes happen that your dog would collect a charge of pepper spray, or a specific passage.

For where you have to be aware that you're not the primary caretaker of the bitch. My dog ​​möppert with me only rum in exceptional situations on a leash, woe, but not I am at the other end of the line, since I have my dog ​​partially again - whenever the Perason which leads him unsure he takes the Done in the paws, not agree then his ideas with those of the canvas holder match (so he goes only by his "sitter" out, and not with my friends).

Patch yourself but with your girlfriend together and talk to her about the problem, so that you both ride a rail. Have you ever tried to make her a Preydummy tasty, so could you utilize on a leash and you make for them more interesting than the environment. To the can strengthen the self-confidence of the dog, if the exercises are more difficult.

You've already received very accurate tips. Therefore my advice again - Bella must say towline be kept on a leash. Here, the line guard man to run communicatively coupled to the rather insecure girl

How this works shows you the video.

This is the beginning! It also applies to the Bella with a lead against possible foot kicks and traumatization of people to protect.

However, it should not develop leash aggression, so my request:

Good luck wishes ...

Acquire a towline and trained a reliable recall. Before the dog should not run without a leash - that goes without saying eigenlich ... ^^


I would like to know where the dog lives? Maybe I could help. Without any payment.

Best regards,


then the dog must not run without leash

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