Help - dog yelps and howls constantly

My dog ​​yelps and howls all the time. She sits at the door and whines and then begins right to howl like a wolf. I do not know what to do. Have read the dogs when they whine, are underutilized, but I was with her already outside and the toys that I have does not accept it. This is already so, since it has now been barking me at seven out of bed. (It is for three days with us from the shelter)

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Oh it's there only three days! They might fear, mourning, is homesick and just does not feel at home. That takes time.

Toys you can forget. You must first learn in order to go to.

Get them away from the door, you play with it, deal them, distract them from their homesickness. You can play with it together with the toys - alone will not do it as long as it has firstly homesick and secondly, it does not know.

Cuddle with her, give her a lot of affection that helps homesick.

One can also assist with homeopathy - Ignatia D6 (small dog 3 Globoli, large dog 5 Globoli 3xtäglich). Rewarded at the pharmacy. Receiving my animals for example death of my animals. Helps good - but only supportive. You have to distract them.

You need a lot of time and patience.

I wish you success

With toys a dog can often start anything, in nature there are no toys. Then they are only conditioned by people. Get the dog away from the door, directing it down, get busy themselves with him, instead of submitting to toys. The dog must accustom themselves only. Turn thee to a dog school that operates without violence when the howling is not better, looking for someone who comes to the house and looks at the matter. From a distance, which is very difficult to assess what is going on with the dog.

when you have only three days, it is clear what it lacks. She misses her familiar surroundings, their dog friends so as you have to, of course, as a dog first get used to, if you suddenly get a new home.

Give her as much love as possible, perhaps it also helps if you from the shelter and the dog visit ... distraction and love and patience, then that should be better with time.

All the best!!

She's been with us for three days from the shelter

Dogs also need time to adapt to new environments. I think he has "home" hurt.

Catching up with him, waiting dich doch mal from some time. I bet that places itself in a few days.


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