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My friend does not respect me for it is all a matter of course and consideration he takes not ..what arouses interest in men (he is 22) which makes a woman after 7 months relationship still really interesting or how can I change his behavior .. spoken I have 100 times the

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Apparently you see your friend not (more) on an equal footing.

The only solution is separation or couples therapy.

If you go after the separation again for dating:

Make sure that it is just as much effort to establish a relationship like you.

And carry him in the relationship never behind the slippers.

Let them be.

And defend yourself right at the beginning before disrespect.

No waiting, no acquiescence, no contrary hurrying forgiveness.

But immediately appeal and stifle accordingly in the bud.

Only you remain permanently at eye level.

So after 7.Monaten relationship it is actually even so that you could just snap my needs and 'the man immediately makes what they say (out of fear to lose one) I am 3 1/2 years with my boyfriend, and since there is already before that one takes a lot of things for granted! But this is not intentional, it just helps to talk about it, so you think about it again that many things just do not go without saying. But something special.

If your friend after seven months is so, then get yourself NEN other.

If you only talk, there is no relationship. This is a business!

Relationship is attraction, attractiveness, longing and love!

Spare me the talking! It's useless! Pick a friend who respects you, respects and loves!

@ celina666

I'm sorry for you, but your friend is not then the right one for you.

If he is an egoist, no consideration, all considered for granted?

The will never respect you as a woman as you deserve.

The would possibly not even notice it if you would make you interesting.

His behavior can not change DU, this is a mistake. This can only he and if he is a pasha and after 7 months improved from his side nothing, then also changes still nothing.

What do you want? A man whom you interesting enough are not that you had to make yourself interesting only so that he noticed you?

If so, then keep it and continue suffering silently in front of you. Miss caresses, touches missing from his side, a man for whom everything is elbstverständlich or

Would you like to have a partner, the quasi carry you on hands, which is not selfish and you takes into account and gives the you attention?

Then rise up, looking for this man.

And with such a flipping idiot sesselfurzenden willste stay together?

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