Help! (For my) dog behaves strangely :(

My Dog Runs continuously across the room and seems to seek something I do not know quite how to interpret it also she behaves a bit weird at the last time I was now a week away and they scored puppy that has anything to do with it that they then weird behavior?

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Females are in the time just before birth usually like that. They are restless and looking for the perfect place or evacuate all about .. especially bad is it when the labor pains began. But all that lies down with the time

So the dog leaves the puppy alone the still blind and deaf are in the litter box and tapert instead through the apartment? Then I would probably call the TA and ask me, not that she has any complications. (Provided there is no that was just once all necessary needs the loo)

If you felht the heat of Mama you a wound in a towel, not to hot water bottle to the puppy put, they can not even keep its temperature. Everything else then with the TA, especially if you do not get enough milk.

they scored puppy that has anything so emulate she behaves so funny?

was in charge of the dog by a veterinarian and examined after birth? Otherwise, go to the vet and let bitch velvet puppy investigate!

Have they survived all the puppies? Sometimes it happens that the smallest and weakest dies and the dog searches the puppy (when he became quickly taken away).

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