HELP! How can I stop the Kauzwang my dog?

Hello Hello!

So I have a 1 year old Golden Retriever - Colli mongrel. He is a totally Superb and good dog who learns quickly and their word heard (if no other dogs in the room are ^^: D), the only problem that has the small is that it once he is home alone, nothing before is Him safely, including cardboard, table legs, garbage, DVD's and more.

Of course, it was clear from the outset that a young dog breaks something and that not everything remains intact. He breaks something is actually not my main concern, but that he eventually something gets what he might eat and what stuck in his belly remains or so. Things where I'm not sure if they are toxic to him be put away from us in advance.

So now no answers come as he was challenged, I describe more quickly what we do on a day everything: so it's a day for about 3 hours in the Free (time something less, something more), in addition we Clickern daily for mental occupation. If he must now be left alone, we have the ritual that he gets a Bull mouth, or a dried pig ears from us, so he has something to chew, but that is not enough apparently.

If anyone has similar experiences and I can help, I would be very grateful.

Greetings, and MANY THANKS in advance!

The best answer

What he must to chew when it since at home? Does he get a lot of raw bones to strengthen his jaw muscles? It is by no means a "Kauzwang" but a Kaubedürfniss. In order to hunt takes a dog a proper bite, and must be trained or he can capture anything. (Our dogs know not that they do not really need that because we feed them) - but we can not leave an instinct.

If during the period in which the person is present good and a lot can be chewed, it is during the period in which the dog alone is not quite as important. However, I also think that he destroys things out of frustration because he is alone.

I would imagine that you did not invite him, but he learned when he is alone he can chew what.

I personally give my dog ​​never something to nibble on, when we go away, because it is not unheard of times that it has tried to wrap a dry Chew. It is stuck in the throat and we had to the emergency room. Something may be able to intervene without fast, already end badly.

We did ye that built its own? Does he, that you come back and comes with the alone stay well clear? Many dogs have never learned ordnetlich and have this stress. The is actually even degraded among others such as you describe it.

Hello, we also have a Gold Retriever and she used exactly the same "problem". Meanwhile should exhibit this behavior only if they have a day to little employment was time, from which it already realizes what the problem is and that the dog can not help it.

Maybe you should be the Clickern something else looking, what dog mentally and physically auslastet, as agility or so. Besides, you might have to practice to be the alone again. When our dog it was, among other things, that it when she was small always got chewing bones when she was alone and if you are then given her anything, she just about wanted what they can chew instead dessn, since there for them routine was.

Basically GoldenRetriever are well known for chewing, there's only more jobs and put your all, with age settles the but mostly.

I think maybe you have not practiced enough endurance to the dog's Alone Stay ...

How long do you leave him because regular home alone?

3 hours there are etc. not particularly much with clicker training for a young healthy dog ​​...

Why do you call it "Kau-forced" ???

The dog is too boring and he organizes itself employment.

When it really comes alone stay - then you organisier but a dog sitter ...

How has he learned to be alone?

Hi I characterize our Podi mix him a Kauwurzel have brought, now holds for 1 year its Kauattacken was and is always in reach. If he ankaut table legs, correct and offer him the Kauwurzel repeatedly.

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