Help Howrse Account Stolen

Hi everybody I urgently need your help my Howrse account cuci1234 has stolen me the thief wants 1 million ep and 30 passports have then I get my account back only please help me

The best answer

You remains nothing than to contact support (also works without account).

The can provide your account with a protective barrier for a justified assumption. Then you will be asked for details that you know should (date of birth, email address, how many APs / passports, passports were purchased and if so, how many, etc.).

Come agree that it is your account, you get back your account.

Mostly due a "removal" of an account to a carelessness in handling the password. Often stuck real friends behind ... password has been saved or is too light or you have left the Acc open and someone else was listed on your PC or you have your password beeen notes or passed or someone has been watching you as you type ...

Perhaps you contact times the support of Howrse that you can help certainly.

I think pure legal status is in the extortion. You can view the person you.

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