Help I am 10 years and weighing 57 kg

So Hey people only times so I know I'm young But that is now not care and that I as 57.2 kg Please hillft me Height: 145 is thick and it's just soo hard abzunehemn I try it since 3 months I eat much less but I suppose to and I now also I heard fill me I just goofy'm afraid that all my bully and I never find a friend: say ((my sparkled: it ,, less -.- "please help me please

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1. When you grow up you'll also ne better figure have 2.Du have not even eat nothing but sweets no more and perhaps not 3 servings 3.The tell all and you get the feeling it will not help but do any sport that helps on duration namely already. 4.Sag people bully thee they can you times it is better to be thicker than so emaciated against thick but I have nothing at emaciated .... well 5.The feeling that you never get NEN friend will know all the I well and you are sure nice and do not look so wie'n zombie that will at some point: P

I know this is not a super help but, well ... good luck anyway you can do it :) LG Light Darkness

Is not only to food drum less but also healthy if you help your parents ask that determines you also and sports go best jogging if you are otherwise not so motivated sports to make though is the beginning makes stressful but when you get used to it real fun LG and fun lasange PS: jogging once a week is not enough in the long run)

So, yes, it is so that you are übergwichtig, you weigh nearly as much as I, and I'm already a bit bigger than you. But since you need you do not have a head. Open but part with your friends in a fitness class, such as going to a basketball course or you can also swim, depending on how much fun you have at things. For the gym you are still too small. :) And with the bullying ... Do come to nothing! Always be optimistic and just because you think that it does not have to happen yes, clearly there is pretty nasty children, yet always think positive! Besides, you're still growing and when you grow distributes your weight. And no less eat !!! This brings nothing, except that you're no longer can concentrate. You can even place similar Pizza let you of your mom make a fresh, delicious salad, but eat in no case less! :))) I wish you much success and I hope that I have at least helped you something. :) LG BlumeSonneMac

At that time I just weighed 80 kg with 15 and was 1.60 m tall .. Then came the work and in the first few months I have 16 kilos removed now I'm at 69 kilos and 1.74 meters (and eat extremely much! )

That there is with you determined with the time!

vlt when you eat too unhealthy or should eat something else ... and try it with sport if you do not hope still doing I could help you lg trees line

I zabe the same problem, but I am 13 and am extremely blunted by experiences at home, so I will not let get to me bullying etc. Probably comes the increase in me by the soul, see to it that you have any spiritual peace! Sometime it is too late (see I) but I hope that it is not so with you ... So try to make sure that everything is ok with you, could in fact also join them. LG

The point is not to eat less, but to avoid unhealthy foods and certain substances. Carbohydrates are for example a topic.

http: // ...

quiet Find out about it online. But you will still grow and your weight adapt when you eat healthy. To the theme of relationship you should at your age but still worry.

This is of course a stupid situation ... And I can tell you I had the same problem ...

You have to be bullied fear? Then that is probably that you can not will what is very good already. I would advise you now not obsessive about trying to lose weight but to take it slow. It sounds like you're pretty desperate and if you do, it would be doing already well if you do not place yourself on the scale every day. The depressed incredible and I know that.

Just try to eat less. I do not want to sound like your parents, but in principle they are right. I would suggest you only in a different way. Just eat slowly, take your time, kau all very thoroughly. This lets you be full faster and thus you eat less then. You should also make sure that you eat only until satiety which means as not too much and not too little. Just do not eat too greasy stuff or stuff with extremely many carbohydrates, so no fast food and things with lots of sugar like chocolate .. (I know it's totally hard to come by the things away so ... to resist them but if you only once inside it is: D) And what is still very very vERY important not soft drinks so no Coke, Fanta, etc ... Because who also totally much sugar. Dear Water. (I was always water too boring so I drink only still bottled water which is the same: 3)

I think I have everything summarized and I wish you incredible luck in achieving your goals and desires, wishes, inessi88 :)

doing more sport if you wish to lose weight helps :)

Mach sport and eat normally, or you'll have circulatory problems or so

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