Help! I put pictures into the net?

Hi, I have a few pictures want to draw from a class trip to the Pc to a folder over, but I missed the folder and have the images statdessen on the Mozilla Firefox pulled over. I have the images now released ?! Thank you for answers.

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Do not worry. They are saved to the browser when wilt thou upload times anywhere you need them so do not copy from the folder. As long as you know they are not uploading safe from the network :)

No, in this case the images are only displayed by the browser. The or the appropriate tab with the image display schlessen and all is well again.

The images are not uploaded. They are only displayed in the browser. To upload you have to first login to upload somewhere. Only with rüberziehen v'der photos on Firefox nothing happens there.

No you have not ;-)

No not really. To publish a picture you have to have posted on any page it.

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