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Hi, since today we have a new grammar in Latin. The PPA. We have a teacher who writes Katasrophale Heifteinträge. You are confusing and incomprehensible. Here is my question ... So we have the book Cursus 2b and there is on the side of an object 42 where to form the shapes into the PPA in the nominative and ablative Sg Sg. For example accipere (Nom.Sg.) - Accipiens ie: adopting. Then the Abl.Sg. accipiente and now I do not know how to translate that. Can jmd help me? Thanks in advance :)

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You can not translate a sentence ablative without actually!

Reason: the German has no ablative!

A little anecdote: a Latin teacher, the thesis at a conference, it was the right method, all occurring in the text words first attributed to their original form, then to determine and then to translate. His example is in the text urbe -> urbs is City -> urbe is ablative -> through the city.

He has drawn quite a laugh at yourself ... 1. the variant by (instrumental) arrives at the city before never so takes 2nd through the city (local) actually called my urbem.

you translated in the early past capitalized (ie, in abl. with the accepting if me my last Latin Years fool) I might be wrong, but looking better times on because you find something determined

The PPA is the German participle I. (ND-word) you can translate it like a normal adjective.:

  • accipiens = accepting nd / nd receive

There are also a few more translation options, which always offer when a tapeworm sentence would arise with the adjective translation, but basically you can with the adjective translation ever reach the goal (Exception: Ablatiivus Absolutus - if you already the know).



The ppa is a tool that displays a simultaneity in a subordinate clause. The next set introduction is either in time (eg, as), causal (because), or konsessiv (although)

The ppa you acknowledge the -nt or -ns behind the trunk.

When translating, you have the time to adjust your predicate example: I greeted the friend when I stepped through the door;

I greet the friend, as I step through the door.

In the Latin text please see that your reference words are available in KNG whether is nom or abl ... now is Translated as in Example ..

For this you just have to find a person and then supplement with a conjunction. Zbsp: for I suppose, because of the assumed herscher.

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