Hey guys! I have 3 months ago in love for the first time (on the klassenfahrt)! And I could see the boys just do not let go but since last week I have to make my decision in going. And now I've done it! And since he speaks to me. And I almost always crying because of him and now it has happened, I am once again in love with him !! :( Can you give me tips what to do ?!

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Love's good and what if you feel for him then tell him that if he is not he replies not worth crying therefore speaking to him or simply becoming a good friend of him

communicate and enjoy normal and without much tension and awkwardness of further. Do not sit with the bare ass on the stove, but go the thing to relax. Many make the mistake of being intrusive and the result that is often not much reciprocated, because you are constantly standing on hot coals, which is obviously not the best broadcast to the outside. Therefore remain loose and move on an equal footing.

Feelings that come up again were gone before. befriend test you with him and much to do with him, maybe what will become of you.

Among participants what with him, get to know you properly and the rest you can pass. Be not too intrusive

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