Help! My dog ​​chewed everything!

Hello. I have a problem undzwar following: my little dog Tino (9 months, Dachshund Chihuahua mix, neutered male) gnawing on all kinds of textiles such as blankets, pillows and clothes but also to wooden furniture (which, however, very rare) and now he also catches to gnaw on cables. But I do not understand why. He gets enough leak (2-3x a day each 30-60 min.), Has a lot of toys, lives with 2 other dogs with which he plays and gets from us a lot of attention. What could be and how accustomed it from him? Mostly he chews if one is not looking or as is. If I mitbekomme there I go to him and say determined 'from', put him his toy back and praise him when he takes this in his mouth. Thanks in advance to all help me.

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After the change of teeth, it is usually better - maybe still a few. What also helps is every day a raw veal bone - as they are with what good, employs long and along the way make even the teeth clean and taste good.

Unfortunately, this is normal. He has changed his teeth and chews the new teeth now. In fact, chewing and gnawing is needed to ensure that strengthens the teeth. The dogs in the period after the change of a real Kauzwang. The can also be with a lot of Gassi and much attention not besetigen, but only with chewing - stupidly. With wean is there nix. This can by itself after sometime.

Give the dog something he can gnaw. Rawhide bones offer themselves there. Or ne beef rib raw with some meat and flachsen off (boiled meat). The rib he can not bite, but it erkann and rumnagen it that is good for him.

Let times on occasion the TA it see if it has changed all the teeth properly, sometimes because there also difficulties.

As he is busy because the 30-60min? Gassi go is no utilization.

Do you have the dog from animal shelter? or why the dog was castrated 9Monaten ever being grown without the chance.

easy way to clear away everything that is nothing he can rum ankauen nix.

Vlt doing him the Zähneweh, all teeth are already changed?

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