Help! My dog ​​eats nothing whom I am not with him!

Hello, I have since 5 years a Maltese mixed breed dog, it is really a dream dog, so dimwitted and quiet, yet totally wise quickly learns tricks .. So much for him, he is since the first day when we picked him from the breeder to me tied, why do we all not quite probably because I'm as daft as it :-) he follows me to step and enters, he is always waiting around the corner who I go to the bathroom, everywhere. I have now for several months a boyfriend and am the weekend often times not there, and it is difficult to eat him to give because not really interest him my parents and he just does not eat! And my parents feed him dan repeatedly with treats but this can not be that he merely still eats here treats, the gnedige Mr. He swill not even? Until now true I always separated only 2 days of it I do not know how this will go on, I do deny me very often with my parents for my dog, and they always dan him with treats Feeding which he did not always eat, who I'm home he always gets to eat who I am on the sofa and he is next to me (of course, on the floor) eats slowly. Has anyone might have the same problem? Or as a dog? I know that I probably accustomed himself somehow, but that is difficult to wean. I absolutely need help! Lg. Tamara Thanks

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Quite simply he has to stop simply endure time he kann.Mach not even be with you there so that you disappear just once in one room and he was not allowed to, and then in the early nächsten.Am only briefly and if the good works ever longer and if that works then to the front door out only briefly on Anfang.Und the dog should also a difference what to eat from someone get so that you no longer something special bist.Und for him if he eats nothing if you're not there the seizure stand wait briefly and when he is nothing eats then away but then nothing else give is hungry he holds and the next day the same at some point he will fressen.Und worried you times a Futterbeutel he then gets the food out and only daraus.Aber not by you but by someone else from your Familie.So he learns that it is worth also the other family members observed and which is also important interesting sind.Ist work but it should work just persevere.

Even if it is hard: Your dog controls you, that has little to do with loyalty. If you're not there is your dog fear you.

I would at home to start him the constant behind dribble ago to ban. He sometimes can relax and know that you come alone also manage and no three-cheese high need.

Then simply there nothing else. Cup is held up, he goes away or has after 5 min eaten nothing the lining comes away. He then gets nothing else. My dogs eat the bowl away when a verlässr him and is not empty in itself that there are no disputes among themselves.

This reflects my experience again.

I have a Maltese lady dachshund.

The biggest success so far was to call repeatedly for food bowl, and so to increase the incentive. It has not worked for me Gradual :).

I wish you success!

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