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I'm desperate, I have my dog ​​since he was 8 weeks old now he is 5 years, today we went for a walk, and at a time from which it is nothing like going to an old one, which he has never done, although he is have aggressively a total coward pants when I'm on a leash but not near, and this comes before I get a baby 4 months. yes I want to train with him but can not because of the baby, I still have a great son (8 years) he has attempted only in puppies old bite I've equally punished

a few more info my little super hears in the apartment on each komando everything no problem but outside oh man,

now I am thinking if I get a spray collar because that is not at all, that is since the last weeks getting worse out he comes from so continued only with a short leash and Mauel basket

please help me

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It could well be that he wants you and the baby to protect - that he does not trust you responsibility and therefore accepts himself. If I have understood correctly, it is always worse. So it was not just this incident but it is worse for weeks. Only that this was the tip now and it sounds to me just like that, as if he protected, because he does not trust you.

A Sprühhalsband this can do stop, but the real problem you do not get so into the handle. With a Sprühhalsband it may well be that it is quiet and anscheinlich nice - but it could also eventually disengage properly.

Instead a Sprühhalsband You should get a coach. There are coaches who come to you home and come up with the walk. For he must see the complete behavior and dealing of you with the dog in order to properly assess the situation and to be able to help you properly. It may well be that it is because of little things, the Hundi is so and it is quite simple and fast that you'll be fine. It may also be that you have to practice a lot and it takes longer. It is important to quickly find a coach. Of the longer the undesirable behavior is, the more difficult it is to get it away. Or in other words - of the longer you do it the wrong, the more difficult.

I wish you success

Well hi ersma!

Although I am not directly the Dog Whisperer, but a little idea I scho (I think). If your 'pack' has just scored only fresh growth, kanns be because Knuffi now has the protector instinct in foreground. And when the older gentleman (unintentionally) something - has made threatening, is Sense with 'coward' ... then he goes from just - in Knuffis view.

Was he on a leash (not the senior, but Knuffi ;-)), when it happened? And which breed is your dog?

After four and a half years of socialization he should obey instantly outdoors - else is in the education unfortunately what went wrong. From the Flegelalter isser yes nu out already.

And one more thing: Short Leash is okay (and he probably knows already, hold just have to stop him to ...), but muzzle is torture and GOES GARNET.

If nothing else helps - Search the web for dog trainers in your area. This costs a tidy, but must it to you (you) be worth it. And most can also help real.

That is also the reason why I myself have a dog. Lining kost nix, but if something is serious, it gets very expensive very quickly (even the emergency measure 'euthanasia' is with us at about 250 € + corpse disposal / price for 'carcass weight in kg',: - (()

Lambda is a dog lover

Hi something I always find very unfortunate, because it's so not need :( Would your child but also no Sprühhalsband repack only because it is sometimes loud: /

See also that there are many moms who both bring under hat, stayed here one with young children (twins) and directly 5 dogs live, none of them has to wear son thing .... but have one thing in common that I know, friends and family, support them and go sometimes with the dogs or even take care of the children while the Gassigehen.

You have also a fear dog, you're making even more afraid of uncontrolled spraying, that will not have the desired effect, which you imagine, also because you have to know you're doing, otherwise you are the very wrong signals :(

Ever considered the dog leave in good hands ?? I mean that you are served with 2 children soon enough, it's a murder task an infant to have home soon. And the dog can sogesehen another 10 years of life, and has been "wrong" educated for 5 years, he does not bite because he is evil, but because you have made serious mistakes have. Arms race during the Cold War as you can at a dog forget what you want to bring up, if as expected, the collar does not work ?? Then comes en Teletac or what ???

I've not found a comment that did not contain 50% waste.

However, one agrees the situation at home is most likely the trigger.

It could be due to lack of time as the jealousy germinates Dogs are not Goofy and want to love.

But can also be protective instinct.

Muzzle is no cruelty.

Time and help Ansonnsten in good hands Add Sprühhalsband considering at all.

Hello, is important as the first that you are showing the dog, he needs neither to defend yourself the baby. You're the feeder and boss, you get this saying. The need to remember the dog. So occurs confidently on, show the dog that you are serwohl able your offspring and to protect him. Dogs notice even the smallest changes in humans and link these with factors such as changes in the environment. From this they then direct their behavior ab.Hat Your behavior towards the dog since junior there, changed? He should not get less attention than before, which could lead to jealousy.

A good dog trainer / behavioral therapist and / or a good obedience school, who work nonviolently could help. It would in my opinion, important that the baby would involved to make it habit for the dog up.

go with your rudel a dog trainer in your near. dog schools often offer also individual training.

someone has the idea, should take you time in augenschein. sprühhalsbänder are only conditionally ok and can cause harm even more in case of wrong timing.

is important, eyes and read dog body language and intervene in time.

your dog seems to be not convinced that you are a sovereign rudel appellant.

maybe you have a girlfriend who can assist you with the strolls.

clearly changed for the rudel something decisive when it gets growth. you should only make clear that you decide as a chef who can devote themselves to freshman. ie practice with strange men in the house and especially outside ..

A Sprühhalsband takes nothing against the actual cause and could only worsen the behavior.

I'm pretty sure that the behavior with the changing situations (Baby) related.

Here, since no one knows your life is not possible to perform remote diagnostics or recommendation. The best would be if you (please not the first best) to come dog trainer a good that can examine and evaluate the situation on the ground.

The whole should happen as quickly as possible before they cause unwanted incidents between dog and baby and the rest of the family or strangers.

The victim in the end is usually the dog even though it had never been so far have come.

Please get yourself get Trainier and not as a necklace danit you KANB gabz gefhrliche lack shortcuts.

I suspected that the baby plays a role. Vlt too much stress for the dog.

Something you can but only with the help tranieren and not alone.

ok thank you I will perhaps still looking for a coach before I have to return to work as long as he has leash compulsory and only the short

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