HELP .. My dog ​​has bitten my friend! out of nowhere .. What he het?

Hello since less time is about 3 months, my dog ​​problems with his leg (hip) .. If it is a long time then he limps and has also believable pain.

Now my friend is sitting next to him without touching the dog and the dog was not on sleep .. then suddenly he bites him .. in the lips

If the vlt. something to do with his leg ..

Short to my dog

Amstaff, 3 years old, very dear and capped dog, normally understood well with all people and animals, never had a problem with my friend ..

WHAT'S HAPPENING??? I'm worried..

The best answer

How do you know that the dog does not always have pain ?? It is this so-called "fighting dogs" can cause pain when they are in action, simply turn off. I wish you well once three months constant back pain. Believe me, then you would angiften also your friend when it comes out a little too close. Such long-term pain become independent quickly, and the longer you wait, the longer it takes the dog to get back to be completely healthy. Please go absolutely Monday for the TA and let the clarify. Since these dogs also like to go even when romping times about your physical limits, it can also be a severe sprain or muscle scribe have contracted. Something takes a long time, and maybe he needs besides painkillers physiotherapy or osteopathic treatment. We have designed by a Pitt Bull, who had suffered a sprain 7 weeks before, because he once again had to carry the largest branch of the woods. He had unfortunately forgotten that he is not more 3 years old.

Our neighbors had even a German Shepherd. A super lovable dog.

One day the woman was with her (in the crawling stage) son in the garden and the dog bit the little ones from now on the same in the head.

The dog had highly HD and the child has him only faintly touched on the hip. The holder knew the hip problem while everyone was allowed without warning the dog's page * knock *. :-(

GSD have the child and all dogs Treichler survived.

The dog remained approximately 1 year, until it was redeemed.

So shake that ass - the dog ;-) - the TA before something happened very bad.

Of course, this may be due to the pain. If you what hurts're certainly not degree good mood, right? Then take your dog to the vet, otherwise the poor still mad with pain.

He may simply have bad geträunt and have thus caught or I rather suspect it has hurt his doing.

Please go to the TA, it is not to let an animal live fair in pain. and only because he has hip pain is not equal euthanized. My dog ​​has problems with the knee and hip, and lives happily and most painless.

if he has pain for about 3 months, then go to the vet! the poor animal. and because of your dog, I hope that the injury is not serious and your friend apart from the display. could fann namely Regulation officio list dog blah come visit you soon. but honestly? when one sees that the dog has pain, and you are too stingy for the vet, heard the dog housed elsewhere! where owners go to the vet !!

If I here already read something:

old .. My dog ​​has not always. He has only a few times but had been about 3 months ... I would immediately go to the vet if I know that it is very urgent;)

and then to from another Kommi that you do not want to go to the vet because you're afraid that the dog must be put down ...

... Then imagine what it's like sometimes when you have a sudden pain and you refused medical help you because you could even be life-threatening ill ...

So please: z ... z ... = zzap from the vet; investigate and deal let your dog !!!

I hope the injury of your friend is not so bad ...

Should the "friend" for some reason a complaint against you as a dog owner, the clerk's office on the mat may be so because of dog list, etc.

Dear freedom

With the hip and his leg I would go even to the vet is free, why he bit your friend in the lip, I can not tell you you have to please also quickly go to the vet.

Good luck ^^

Lg Fairy234

If it is a long time then he limps and has also believable pain.

Then go to the animal to the vet. You go to the doctor but also if it does not work out well!

If the vlt. something to do with his leg ..

That can not be excluded, if the animal is in pain.

I think your dog should tell you times very clearly that it is a mess that your as long endure him, let! please go necessarily to tieratz - ei 3 year old dog not limping sometimes by chance and has trouble when get up!

Maybe he where touched him where he did not want it. Worse bite? Then off to the vet. AG

Girl, you're lying!

Your alleged dog was never subject to that question.

You're as old as you specify in the issues as one pleases you.

If you get bored, or what?

You're really not worth the time at all to respond to any question from you !!!!

Freedom is not to annoy the world at will!

What had the dog? -Hunger?

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