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suddenly I see something crawling on my little dog. The War black like a spider and perhaps it was a? No idea but got fully angst. I was under panic and got the killed with my hands. My dog ​​did not want to get out pipi well and it's kind of funny. Unfortunately, I do not know how to examine my dog. As I said I do not know what it is I can not distinguish crawlies. It was right klein.Das you see in the picture my mother only comes in 2-3 hours, and does not know them off ... just my sister and she works all day!

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Looks after a tick.

Tot you get the difficult hand. I am using as more of a lighter and burn these critters before they still at my dog ​​or suck me.

But the inertia must not be related to the small creature, it looks as if it had not gesaug tund you write even that it is rumgekrabbelt.

Just check whether there is such a thing hanging somewhere on or near your dog and remove it if necessary with a tick hook or tweezers, so that the head does not get stuck.

That's a tick. The should be removed with a tick remover gently and completely.

If Symtomme should come geh best to vet the dog I would just as my mother about informing (if she's back) that your dog had a tick.

You have done that very well! The tick is dead.

Unfortunately you but do not know now whether it has bitten your dog. Glue the little insect with Scotch tape on a piece of paper and go afterward with your mother, the dog and the dead tick (the vet wess exactly what kind of an insect) to doctor, probably needs the dog vaccination or other medicine.

Get well!


The are the nymphal stage minig, they bite into the skin tight uind soak up, drop then.

You should your dog get a tick collar. He "gets" the ticks when rumstromert outdoors, for example in the grass

http: // ...

This looks to me after calming tick.

This was certainly a tick!

A tick!

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