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My dog ​​is a Rottweiler mix Stafford (father Rottweiler Mother Stafford) it is a list of dog I have to make an essential test? And ... how big it is larger than a Stafford? And a figure greater than a bitch? Would be very happy about your help ^ - ^

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My dog ​​is a Rottweiler mix Stafford (father Rottweiler Mother Stafford) it is a list of dog I have to make an essential test?

the Rottweiler as well as the staff, as well as hybrids of these breeds are in Bavaria on the list and may only from majority and certificate and passed the character test, possibly also proof of competence are maintained. If these conditions are ignored or not met, the dog is seized and it threatens an administrative fine.

Check with your municipality if you are entitled to keep such a dog and what you must fulfill all!

in which federal state do you live? The breed list you can easily google ... and with an essential test is not enough. you have before! you bring out a dog a halter permission for the dog to apply! if you illegally Haelst you such a dog with high fines count and get the dog removed! Please inform yourself immediately and sit down with the animal protection in connection -perhaps can help you still.

Well actually I wanted a purebred Am.Stafford but then he told me is a mix which does not alter the fact that I change I will get it would still come and dogs I've clue him've had several only I am in this not sure he now is on the list or not

not informed you about something before you decide to invest a dog?

Whether your dog is on the list depends on the State. And how big a hybrid is, you can never tell.

If there is a list of dog like Are you then as simple as come off without experience and without knowledge? How about information with previously?

How old are you???

If you're like I've read live in Bavaria and you ever threading tail you there the country Dogs Act to heart, you will realize very quickly that you can not quite hold soon as a list dog ...

Before you come at all about this dog, you've got to meet a lot of requirements.

That goes for you as well as for your parents unless you are a minor.

Correspondingly, if minors are not allowed in Bavaria with Listis in the public ...

na where did you buy this dog ?? from the car boot? from the animal shelter? then one would you --what pointed it "to come" to you

- In the lower Saxony is not a problem but in all other federal states is this mix on the list.

depending on who dominator this mix may like one taff be as big as a rotti or so "small". Males are in general. Larger than bitches, but also because gilt-- which race has prevailed.

About something informs you look at before purchasing ...

Sorry, but you will probably not get more such a dog in Bavaria.

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