Help My dog ​​is not just nice to other dogs

Heii, I have a dog that is 9 years old and he's a little aggressive / snappy towards other dogs. Frühr where he was small he was attacked by two large dogs and may now no other dogs more (big or small). Me and my girlfriend would like together gassi go (she and her dog and I un my dog). This we have already tried more but it is not.

What to do?

Have you tricks or tips?

The best answer


I also have a dog of not very friendly to other dogs ist.Aber you could try together let off leash the dog of your girlfriend and your dog.

Many dogs are then less aggressive and are besser.Und mostly when they have time well understood with Leash goes so with no leash.

You could also fill a can with stones and they shake whenever your dog is aggressive reagiert.Das supposedly help ...

I hope I could help you a bit!


Hi, have you ever tried only walkies to walk side by side without the dogs successive supply? Has helped the shelter at some stubborn cases that one day always with the same dogs go together, so that they only incidentally trot. At the beginning find times where the point is reached when your dog where he says until here and no further. At this border their orienitiert you in the first courses and minimizes the distance creeping up her ever running side by side and both can not be consulted. Then you can start to make the dogs the Joint palatable by adding up just experiencing good times, play together, sometimes alternates the your girlfriend your dog leads and vice versa. Since games Select offer no potential for conflict, but your dog shows the other dogs can also be useful. Zb treats hide, until the safe dog of going and looking and find your girlfriend arbitrarily positioned since then at the point unremarkable new treats and makes you space .. If your dog takes a look at this and look exactly the same at the point will treat, he is as well go and look. so he learned other dogs to associate sometimes with success. Over time ever both at the loose lead lead so that you can intervene in an emergency, but emphasis is on Locker. The really long pull at least 2-3 months regularly. In the time I would make a muzzle training for the day wherever you ableint times and then shows whether you have done it right;)

Otherwise many dogs schools also scared dog seminars and sometimes run for fear dogs. Perhaps that would also be an option;) I wish you all the best :)

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