HELP! My dog ​​to suffer flatulence henceforth diarrhea, vomiting and stomach cramps. What to do?

Good evening!

My dog ​​had yesterday very strong flatulence! Since yesterday he has diarrhea and vomiting and suffered half an hour ago briefly to stomach cramps, now seems but to get some rest. He has now scored well for 2 days out of food, so it no longer settles much Kot, only when bile vomiting ...

What can I do for him - to ride out to the clinic? Who knows from there?

Thanks in advance and still happy holidays!

The best answer

If he takes some rest, then you can wait a bit. If there is no improvement in ride tomorrow morning in a veterinary clinic. Now at night and fog on a holiday is perhaps not so much to guess, because the Examining etc. stressing the animal can not say in addition and at first is probably a veterinarian what the animal has possibly eaten etc.

Pity such incidents occurred just on weekends or double holidays, you two - you and your dog - I am sorry. I wish you all the best! Let the animals most at rest and watch yet attentive.

He probably anything to eat, which is not get him. As the veterinarian can also do nothing more than wait, I guess. Perhaps the evil nightmare is over tomorrow morning, I wish you and your dog!

Now there are 2 ways either your dog is on the mend, or your dog has become so weakened and triggered by what this story so degrade on which he will go soon ... Ever thought about that he might have eaten poison ? and doing this his work through the waiting, because no veterinarian can intervene because the dog does not get to face?

I can only Lukas7272 connect immediately to the ambulance! He comes to retirement may be because he just can not!

here hilt only a veterinarian !!!!!

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