Help, my foster dog pulls the Gassi go !?

So I am 13 years old and have a care dog named Snowflake. She is an Italian shepherd so Maren Anno Abruzzo. And the dog belongs to my neighbor but I always go for a walk with her. I am quite a long time is no longer gone with her and why she is moving fairly. But I try every day to walk with her. Does anyone have some tips for me what I should note, because I would like to teach you how to walk in ,, ,, runs. Should I try to treat? And prefer to take a harness or collar? snowflake's a pretty big dog

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Hello. you're the Chef.Deshalb you will not let you pull. Say, if the dog pulls forward, you stop. Then they should sit or stand still at least. If they do not that tut.Gehe a few steps backward. It goes forward, if you do can help in the beginning, to take the lead briefly.

I have made it so whenever the dog pulls (Rottweiler) I withdrew it and if you think the dog has characterized pain, he did not because a dog squeals when he has pain.

Say you as best off with your neighbor first. Better safe than sorry.

Otherwise, there are different approaches to the dog's pull wean.

You could, for example to a "clicker" used -, there are also many sites on the Internet. The principle is simple - you clickst, she gets a treat. When she learned that that means click that she gets a treat then you clickst if they do what you want from her. Thus you can train everything. Lies you but again more exactly a.

Then you have to see what you have to do to make them - albeit only used briefly - ceases to draw. In my bitch it has helped in the beginning to take a slightly longer leash. Whenever she has not drawn and is being geared to with (see all) I have praised them, and whenever she started to run faster, I have "No!" said (as the dog must know, of course, what is No) BEFORE, it has drawn.

That you have previously discussed with the neighbor's their dog. A dog training school will also help. Take on jrden case a harness as long as it takes. Just before he hangs in the line you draw him back with a jerk, with time he will learn to pay attention to when the line tension and slow down. For this you can also make this exercise: As long as you slack leash you change worzlos the direction of the dog comes with without tightens the leash he gets a treat, otherwise you pull him, while you say nothing and do not look at the dog , He learns that he has to pay attention to you and after some time it has no difficulty we go next to you even if you change the direction. Then I would start going with the foot. Given you take rin Treats have it in the left hand (where the dog is running) and looks up once he belohnst you him and say foot. But as I said, only the owner virher ask ib which is also fine. Lg and much success

Hi I am afraid that perhaps you may want first to discuss with your neighbor, is, unfortunately, their property.

Our dog has learned "to heel" with the clicker you :) was a big dog

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