Help! My sister hates me! What to do?

Hello, So: I am 13 and have a sister aged 7 years and we are quite and not at all (!!!) together clearly. I enter only the house and already shouting all. It all started a year ago: Once she was just totally exhausted and screamed like a stuck pig for unnecessary things, and since then she thinks she mastered the world !! They ordered around, says bad words I. 7 did not even know (!) And howls for every little thing I've already talked about it with my parents, and that I thought should have patience. That's what I often tried !! For a while we had spotted a sign that when we show that we embrace both and not argue or walk away. But nothing worked! Besides, I have often talked to her, but with a 7-year-old is the bad. Then she cries because she sorry for (as they'm sorry too ...) and the next day heißtswieder I'm an A !! I can not stand this anymore. I even go already a kind of psychologist who helps me but not much. Even my sister word treated, since it is common also to my parents. Soon I'm freaking out !! I am open to all suggestions !!!

thanks in advance, scha123scha ♡

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Have you any inquires talk about the Circle your sister? With whom she spends her time? With whom she runs to school? What is your class?

Although I myself have no younger siblings, but I could be decisive, in what kind of environment they grow up straight. Did she namely false friends whose behavior could quickly rub off on your sister. From a certain age, which varies from one to orient children prefer to their friends instead of their parents. I can only advise you to check it out once, so you can you wean their behavior quickly.

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It sounds hard but they ignore Just then they may also notice that it does not come with the kind with you further. One probably that's just a phase in which they place now to discuss by need but because any dispute or something you just go out of the way

And you are the opinion that, with the advice your parents have a little more patience to apply the wrong? It happens so that the environment forms man and who is exposed to bad influences in kindergarten, which should have expected something more understanding at home. And not only the parents are asked the sisters, above all when they are older will find it determined not bad if she could get from her brother a little support. Because you are going surely no longer in kindergarten and if you could spend sometime, maybe your pals with einspannst then you might make it out to find why it is so. I take time to which she has quite endure what was in the kindergarten where they must bring their day to make ends meet. Maybe she is teased by another boy or whatever, find it out and then go to your parents and tell them why they are so in the end, hardly she is at home and the stress of it seems to go on there.

That's a serious case.

I recommend the Nummer gegen Kummer, call the number:

0800 1110 333 to help you, because there is one important rule: If there is war get child protection.

with me And will understand you, was it good luck!

This is normal because small siblings are always very annoying and stressful and correct tormentors. You want to be like you great and all have etc and parents better treated so the anger always get the big ones. But they admire the Great also for example to little sisters also be very sweet and nice and admire the big brother because he is so strong and but it also protects his beasts.

wrongly educated, I would say. or perhaps spoiled. My brother got me that time all the time Spanking (3 years older than me). Although was stupid for me but this I went to him from the off, or did want to provoke a quarrel. and today we get along great: D Sounds stupid, but when she once earned a Backpfeiffe, they should get this well. (Beats per education I find absolutely no good, but some spoiled kids there need unfortunately to learn it)

The is only 7 there is not a wonder that misses

nothing, I have four sisters and can slip me all down the hump!

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