Help! Nachberin neglected their dog!

Hello! Where can I go / report it if I'm feeling that a Nachberin their dog neglected? Mir is noticed when their dog began to limp, and nothing was done about it. What can I do so that the dog will not be neglected?

Thank you. sloh1 ... end

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I would inform the competent veterinary ... the next veterinarian or animal welfare.

You you must but be absolutely sure that the animal is neglected, may otherwise could a defamation suit the owner to come to you. !

I would talk to her ah. Maybe she was at the vet. A limp can also come through a play with another dog when it is folded over it and does not go from one off to the next day

The poor dog owners can do a really sorry because it is fashionable among them, their own species ever to watch and want, whether any neglect their dog or something go wrong with her dog catching. But dog owners are now happy times determined ... If people only a fraction look so good when it comes to the neglect or mistreatment of children. The fact that the dog is limping, not saying go well for a long time that it is neglected. There are also many old people who humplen or hardly thriving, Hilf times to wear which the bag when you verspürst to help the urge That would make more sense ...

If it is really so call 'animal welfare, but you should first talk to her. Could be that they have been to the vet and the dog is in treatment

They appeal, ask, if necessary, turn SPCA,

Say the woman Simply drop in and ask what the dog is. Some defects of an animal can not be added to change anything. It goibt indeed people the limp, even though they are in the doctor in attendance.

Why are you going somewhere report back ???

Have you ever thought about it, to talk to the neighbor and to respond to the health of your dog?

No??? Oh ... you so just want to blacken ...

Well, on April 1, much is possible ...

not every dog ​​who is limping neglected! even dogs get sick and old and sometimes then helps a vet only conditionally.

ie daoch just the lady in!

animal protection

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