Help! Rabbits can not be construed

Hello :) I bought 2 rabbits from breeders 2 years ago. They were relatively large and inseparable! They are called Patch and carrots (both male) and lived a long time together. But after 2 months Carrot died, and the other was left alone :( Half a year later we then bought a new order Flecki not remain alone. The new was only four months and soo klein.Er called Robin.

Now the problem is: The two do not get on. Flecki bites him and chases him while Robin almost spins in fear! Of course we have stepped in, because we were afraid for the little rabbit. We have tried several times to bring them together, but in vain. Thus, we had to keep them separated. I just wanted that it goes well Flecki, but everything is useless.

Is there still hope that the two get along soon? What should I do what I'm doing wrong ,?

About an answer I would be happy!

Ps: Both are neutered. Although I have read that you have to castrate two bucks so that they understand, but Carrot was also castrated. Is this something else?

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Hello, I would recommend both rabbits once castrate. Then you should look for the quarantine both in a neutral place where both were not (best bathroom is suitable that you can go to the socialization better rid of urine and feces). There you can both until they are. Turf wars are totally normal, also fly the tuft of fur. As you go through as an animal lover. But it is important that there are enough shelters (with a minimum of 2 outputs!) and retreat facilities are available, so that they can go out of the way. Your older rabbit's apparently about 2 years old and not too old to get used to a new rabbit. Can I also send a FA and questions write to me :) Have yourself a serious socialization behind me: D

Hi Jeanystar,

call to your vet, make out a castration appointment and then you can look no further.

The Patch and carrots have not killed each other was pure luck! Neutered it works with your two do not, so they are now neutered and then you lead them along, please correct.

How to do this, you can read here:


Please read you exactly. Since the boys are then castrated (after waiting for 2 weeks), they should be with proper procedure and understand. Where you have already created with the late castration and improper, first merge a bad base :(

Hello :)

We had a similar problem several years ago. We have been subsequently advised by our vet.

She has to collect us recommend feces or urine of two rabbits and to mix with water. then give the whole into a spray bottle and the two showers so. Since rabbits recognize her pack by the smell, they think now that they both have the same smell that they belong together.

Our rabbits have only taken out once more terror to decide the rank among themselves. After two days it was all but super and we could both be soothed to sleep in the same barn.

I hope I could help. Much love and good luck.

Hello Jeanystar,

that went really stupid :-(

Yes so that's really important that you two male rabbits which are considered together can castrate. If they are not neutered, they are often aggressive and can lead to heated arguments, I speak because unfortunately from experience exactly the problem I had in fact already ....

In carrot and Flecki was a different situation. The two have probably known since birth and therefore have a different relationship. I really can give you only the Council give the two to neuter together, then in most cases, the aggression is gone and will sometimes work wonders when rabbit wake together from anesthesia.

Of course rabbits word literally can not smell because also brings the best socialization nothing :-)

How did you both for the first time together?

LG Annika ;-)

necessarily BOTH castrate !!!! they want to defend their revier ...


Here is a forum where a very similar question is asked. I hope this can help you:

http: // ...

I wish you success!

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