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Hey. So the following problem: My Bro has scarlet fever or flu ne! and I do not know I can be infected by it? How can you protect yourself? I live in the same apartment! Yesterday wars with had bad diarrhea had headache and today I had sports at school after wars with fully feel nauseous and headaches I had. In my class jm had ne flu because it may be that she has infected me and I'm ill by what I think but mal ne because it was only a day or how do you think? What could be my disease? To my office he has a headache and stomach ache, and he might have infected because of me? There is a case in Kita known that one has in his group and he scarlet one probably is. could have been infected. how do you see it? Lg marsy09

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At death furrowed also died ... now you have to wait and see, we are here no doctors forum, certainly not for remote diagnostics.

Flu, cold ... comes to, kindergartens or whatever they are called a source of pathogens. Whether your brother has scarlet fever, the doctor will already notice.

Wash you regularly with warm water and soap hands, unlocking much briefly, ... much more you can do at the moment. The moment you played together before the outbreak of the disease, ... you, an infection may be done already. Who who infected in the case, is already egal.Trinke times or as much herbal tea, you beautiful, headache alone does not have the same influenza or the like..

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