Help! Thyroid problems .. Who has it?

Hey people, so can anyone tell what unique symptoms for thyroid it over / under are functionally me? Those eye problems, fatigue and head and neck pain that? & You can have problems with it even if the blood values ​​are oke?

The best answer

When thyroid function, it may well lead to eye problems, chronic conjunctivitis. Fatigue as well ....

But if the blood values ​​are in order, you can assume that diesbzgl. everything is Ok!

But Discuss this with your Doc ....

Thyroid problems can be clearly demonstrated with a blood test. If your blood is ok, you have also almost certainly no thyroid dysfunction

Fatigue, bad temper, depression, weight gain ... This can not be determined by blood to the definite diagnosis you get only by ultrasound. If you should have it, it's not so bad, have to take only small tablets in the morning;)

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