Help! Urgently! My € 999.99 device has extremely poor wifi reception!

My iPhone 6plus has since today I clicked an email from eBay in a Briton wanted cheat us from then on I got my iPhone 6 plus very very poor wireless reception. The reception is good above are 3 bars but it invites any website page is very rare manages to load my phone side and since I can not post here on with form submit because since that always crashes when I images want in my posts ... I've made from router and waited few minutes and turned on again but it did not get better ... on the phone my father (Samsung s5) is our Internet perfectly! On the iPad, the Internet is perfect! On the phone my sister (Samsung s4 mini) is also the perfect Internet only with my € 1,000 phone can not? Why everything invites so long with me? Clash of Clans takes 30 seconds until it loads ... Any other side within 30 seconds or longer sometimes not at loading pages? Why is that so ? On the router I suspect it would not be otherwise, my sister and my father would suffer from these problems ... But only I am there .... Why what should I do?

Best regards

The best answer

Go to and ask for help in the chat. The ladies and gentlemen from Apple can certainly help you. You you can also clearly make an appointment in your Apple Store.

Home button and lock key and hold together and do the reboot make whatsoever in apple store

Only the price says absolutely NOTHING about the quality. Although I am a complete mystery how you can spend so much money for a mobile phone (Gaming PCs are cheaper), but you could do it with undo try. Vllt liegts also the provider or you caught a Monday model. In the case of the best times to send in. Hope I could help. Regards, Dave

If you still have a warranty issue to the Apple store.

Reset is the best.

Buy yourself but simply have an iPhone and throw the old one away. Apple freuts :)

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