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I have a plan now to provide for a long time me a dog, because I also temporally'll now have the ability. Since I live in a 4-room apartment on the 2nd floor, there is a smaller dog will - also because of the stairs.

Now I wanted to ask if who knows what breed of dog in the photo is? This type dog I have now seen more often during my research. And I wanted to ask if already who has experience with this type dog - in terms of care, eg

In the race with me a Chihuahua. Has anyone made experience with these?

Thanks in advance! :)

The best answer

Looks to me like a terrier with short hair ...: D Best you give just check out Google "Terrier Shorthair" one, perhaps you mean yes these ...

My grandparents also have such a pretty playful, and I understand also quite easy to clean. Stop is also a hunting dog and also follows therefore always any traces.

https: //www./frage/hilfe-hase-frisst--mein-kissen foundin = user-prof ...?

You're afraid of a rabbit and now want a dog?

Even Chihuahuas have teeth and can bite hard.

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