Help what my dog? Intervertebral disc?

Hi folks. , my dog ​​6 months old today has relatively normal behavior, he raged like everything always has the same except that he eat his not touched. Suddenly everything wa different. He has his neck quite badly stretched forward and went very slowly wa very restless and is bent away 2 times with the back paws .. very funny! Did he seems not zuhaben him pain sensed everywhere. But now he jumps around again. Did the internet gelesrn it could be the disc but he can now re-hmm what may have been? He is a little chihuahua shi tzu

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I would observe in your place on and scan again bes him on the spine. In the lumbar region, and go through all his joints of the hind legs and move. See if he reacts somewhere.

Unless and until it remains normal in his behavior, I would now not make all too worried. If I would not be repeated again, I think it would be my dog ​​did not even even go to a vet ... But for security let tomorrow simply NEN TA draufschauen because for a 6-month-old dog that is unusual .. ,

It can also come from the central nervous system (brain), epilepsy, stroke? There are so many ways ... but I want to make you not afraid now. Put it simply for security tomorrow before your veterinarian who can help you best!

All the best :)


I would let him in any case it checked by the vet. Otherwise it could happen again.

LG Samy

Can as well be also been a spasm. At 6 months the lt still new. I would go to the doctor tomorrow. is better.

With something fofort for TA. Do not wait until tomorrow.

This may be the disc. This can aberr also be anything other. Ne remote diagnostics iost impossible

can see At the vet

Then you should Him something schonen.Nicht can romp as much.

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