help what should I do with my dog?

I have a 2 year old wild french bulldog mix. is this it happens has a cruciate ligament tear zugelegt.war the vet who said because she has osteoarthritis (which I did not) and the kneeling not have the right angle it needs a TPLO at both beinen.jedes including costs immediately while playing in the garden between 1300-1500 euros! to me I'm a single parent grade separated and begin at 1.5 finally to a solid worksite. have related to demand money did many animal clinics called denies unfortunately 5 piece for guessing payment. was banking on my and have miserably asked for a credit unfortunately asked animal shelter if the clubs know unfortunately, no. it was led for almost 5 weeks around with it and I notice it getting worse wird.Ich love infinitely Doll but I despair they'm so leid.aber which is when it is operated on the aftertreatment and what is can with my new arbeitsstelle the but now not swish and obstruct the future of me and my son? I'll get the not mehr.heule for days now because I nix more should I einfällt.was do now?

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Apart from the cost of the surgery you will be with job anyway have no way to look after the dog after an operation adequately. Then you can not ensure that he keeps quiet namely.

Regarding the operating costs: Did you ask times in all veterinary clinics in the area, which cost something? Appears to me quite high. The spleen surgery my shepherd struck with just under 600 euros. Competitive bids should always be sought.

Check out the Internet time after the emergency forums of French Bullies, might know more advice.


Your first post is the same as a hot box ...

I'm sorry that your dog is sick. But my pity for you is very limited.

If a dog in the family one gets, then one assumes thus a responsibility. If you only have a low income (for no one need be ashamed!), Then you need to accomplish for the dog insurance for any resulting operating costs or to consistently creates money every month for a rainy day.

And strangely, piling up in recent days such requests like from you ...

Look to see if you can not do anything about money ...

... Or teach the help of your FB friends a donation account a ...

So start a call in FB, there's certainly a lot of people who like the helfen.Das Shelters not help since I can not even donate nachvollziehen.Ich years OP material and drugs that werden.Mehr used only in such cases as yours fält me not one, as a Spendenaktion.Ich'm going anschaffenund also a bully so it can not bleiben.Normalerweise also assume the TH those costs when it comes to the animal badly !!

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