help :-( why he does not grow

So Hello people my sacge is that I am madly in love with a girl and she just ever was had with boys and so I'm not just developed so far so I'm 16 but apparently is my p nis not plants so it is not very b ince and I feel really miserable and I fear that it is therefore no pleas on me. But even so, why he did not grow it? I'm afraid that it will never happen

The best answer

The average length of a male penis is rated at 14 to 15 cm and the average diameter of between 4-5 cm.

Unfortunately a unötiger hype nowadays about the size of the male sexual organ and made for profit falsehoods spread unsettling especially young people.

Everyone knows the spams in the mailboxes where said that a woman will be satisfied only with a length of 20 cm. What, incidentally absuluter nonsense as most women weger the general length of the vagina of about 14 cm, penises from a length of 16 to 17 cm perceive as painful as it these pains are so vergkeichbar massively penetrated their Gebährmuttermund and roughly as you would a man come into testes.

In the adult movies that muscle-bound actors have with which the actresses appear to be equally dozens of times are pushed to loud climax partially enormous genitals, so that some verunsichterte women or even men who do not get the desired satisfaction during sex, or may give, my could the such a large member perhaps bring the performance could even if you really know that this is not true.

This is only provided and do the performers in most cases just as if these are but done more than convincing and sometimes far from her film partner, and the sex is sometimes painful for them, is then often overlooked

Therefore one should not let them confuse

However, quite as important size is however not, there are some women who have problems with their penises under 10/11 cm and 3 cm diameter.

But many women are more likely to get a clitoral orgasm as a vaginal orgasm, what this means they generally by stimulating the clitoris with your fingers or tongue orgasm is a small penis no doom.

A new study has shown that 13,6cm in an erect state are normal and correspond to values ​​9-14 centimeters of the standard. It will be hardly less. Otherwise: the G-spot is only 7cm deep inside her, and the clitoris even superficial. So it should be no problem to satisfy, also you have not just a penis but also hands and mouth.

It does not always adhere to the size)

If she likes you you do not care :)

True, all that matters is the pants

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