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I need your help. I am owner of a Sony Alpha 58 Slt k and now looking for a fast lens.

I would like to make videos with less lighting, clear it is always better with light, but if anything does not work differently, I would like to shoot sometimes with less light.

I once made the Internet my search and came across the Sony 50mm f 1.8 lens, but I have read that there is a Portraiobjektiv.

I would just like to get only a large aperture and not the blur effect.

As I said, I hope you can help me and please let me know what if you have any suggestions in the comments.



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Fixed focal lengths are always good .. there are also light fittest. If you are of course 2,000 - spend 5,000 euros can then you will also get a Lichstarkes zoom lens.

50mm fixed focal length is of course great for portraits but as well as for videos. 30mm is also available. the only drawback is, you can not back, but movement does not harm. ;) With can not go wrong. Love this lens :)

"Portrait lens" is not to short focal length and large aperture. So probably exactly what you are looking for.

Detailed technical comparisons of different lenses you can find for example here: If you want to shoot in low light, you may want to pay in addition to the maximum aperture of the "transmission" value.


The "blur effect" depends physically and the iris. To avoid as you would on a smaller format change so antstatt the 50 / 1.8 for example, an Olympus ZX2 buy or equal to a video camera ....

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