Help with operational change

Hi, I feel in my training company not well and would like to change this. However, I do not know how I do it best or whether should I go before the Chamber of Commerce or trade union. Can someone help me? Thank you in advance! best regards

The best answer

you need only once a company find where you can finish your training and then you have new items in your training contract, what it says about termination and notice periods.

Are the problems because so severe that you need to necessarily change?

Just do not feel right I think is no good reason.

well, do you have right reasons? If it just does not like you that will help you not because you have been looking even NEN operation which forms you continue. If there are solid reasons (bullying, exploitation, sexual harassment, ...) However, I would turn to the CCI.

Maybe you should in such projects once talking with the company and explain the situation. AC operating at any Zei possible only you should advance rather seek another training.

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